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Training that Packs a Punch

Want to give us a test run before making a decision?

We offer a free day pass or free personal training session. To apply for these passes, simply enter your details here.

Want to give us a test run before making a decision?

We offer a free day pass or free personal training session.
To apply for these passes, simply enter your details here.



At Nitro Boxing, we like to think of ourselves as the friendliest boxing gym in Australia. No, really! Our focus isn’t just on helping our clients to build their bodies, but to build their confidence and self-esteem too.

We have a unique training facility, and affordable pricing. Our membership passes are just $25 a week, which also includes access to our gym facilities. Those who wish to attend a casual class or gym session can also do so for $17.

A Little About Us

Nitro Boxing was founded by husband and wife team Blair and Rebecca Studley. Blair has previously won both the Queensland Light Heavy Weight Boxing and Kickboxing titles, and has trained with many world champions. The way we train at Nitro Boxing has been developed by Blair, who has incorporated his expertise with his extensive qualifications as a gym and fitness instructor.

To find out more about who we are, check out our About Us page.


What We Do

We offer a range of different fitness opportunities for those looking to get more in shape, work on their confidence or build self-esteem. At Nitro Boxing, we offer fitness classes, personal training, and gym facilities, so there’s plenty of options for everyone!

Personal training

Nitro Boxing provides training that packs a punch! We have three tiers of personal training available. These are:

  • Personal trainers
  • Senior trainer
  • Head coach


Interested in trying something new in a group setting? Or maybe you wish to get healthy and socialise with like-minded individuals? At Nitro Boxing, we offer a range of fitness classes for different interests and skill levels.
Some examples of classes we are currently running are:


Boxing 101

Ideal for beginners, Boxing 101 teaches the fundamentals. It can also be great for those with a little more experience who are looking to perfect the basics. This class runs for a varying length of time (depending on the week), and includes both pad and bag work and Plyometric exercises, giving you a full body workout.


The Spartan

For all those warriors! The Spartan is a 45-minute strength and conditioning circuit class that will see attendees challenge themselves to complete the given AMRAP (as many reps as possible). The AMRAP time period changes from 10 to 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the day, along with the equipment used. You might find yourself using sandbags and kettlebells, or battle ropes and truck tyres. These workouts change from session to session to keep your body guessing!


NOS Boxing

Short for Nitro Old School Boxing, this session is designed for those who wish to do the training of a professional boxer, without the same amount of bruises! The class begins with road work or skipping, transitioning into bag work, pad work, foot work, and head movement drills. After this, it’s time to choose a partner for some catching and slipping drills, before ending with an ab and core workout. This session is designed to capture the essence of the oldest Olympic sport!

To learn about more of the classes we run, visit our Classes & Training page

To see what we’re currently running and when, check out our Timetable page to find out our current class times.

Gym facilities

Want to work out at our unique training facility? Nitro Boxing have a heap of equipment available to use, for boxing, building endurance, and training various muscle groups. If you’d like to give our gym a try, why not sign up for a free Day Pass, and see what you think before committing!


Why Join Us?

At Nitro Boxing, you’ll be trained by the best in the business.

Our gym encompasses a variety of different training opportunities that come together to deliver a unique experience for members. With Nitro Boxing:

  • You’ll experience fun while in a results-driven environment
  • You can receive advice and coaching from experts in Express Training
  • You’ll receive training in a completely supportive, non-egocentric environment
  • You don’t need to be fit or have a certain level of experience to begin
  • You’ll be encouraged to maintain focus and drive
  • You’ll be given access to a wealth of industry knowledge and experience.

If you want to experience the difference of Nitro Boxing, come along to a class or book a personal training session today.


Frequently Asked Questions


Membership is only $25 per week on Direct Debit. There is a one off admin fee of $40.

Membership allows you access to all classes (excludes kids boxing) and the gym during opening hours.

We are a non contract gym. We just require 30 days notice for cancellation.

We recommend that you have your own. We sell gloves, hand pads and wraps in our Nitro Store.

For hygeine reasons we do not hire these items but for first timers you are able to buy inners from the Nitro store and we will let you use some of ours.

14 – 16 years old require parent permission. Parents will be required to sign a permission form.


We have a large grassed area that you can park in. Enter through the large double gates next to the Auto Electrician and follow the building around and you will find the area.

Personal training

As our sessions are booked out just for you we require 24 hours notice for cancellation so our trainers can have time to fill the time slot.

Our 10 packs of Personal Training are required to be used in a 12 week timeframe to ensure you are getting the best results from your investment.


A towel (we also offer towel hire), water bottle (water is available for sale also) and boxing gloves & pads.

If you are interested in learning to box properly, we recommend Personal training so you can be taught in a one on one environment focusing on boxing technique.

We do train people to fight only once they have completed an inhouse Nitro fight night, where they will then be selected to join our Nitro Fight team.

Get in touch

Still want to find out more about us and how we can help? Give us a call on (07) 3359 4993, send us an online message, or pop into our gym in Chermside to have a chat with our friendly staff!

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