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Nitro Boxing offers a range of classes along with 3 tiers of personal training for those looking for some one-on-one or two-on-one coaching.


At Nitro Boxing, we aim to provide a friendly, supportive, non-egocentric environment, where all are welcome to workout and build their skills.

Want to learn more about the type of classes we run and the difference between the three tiers of personal training we offer? Keep reading!


We have a variety of classes available, from those who are just starting out with boxing, to those a little more experienced, to those looking to build their strength, conditioning, or workout the big muscle groups. Check out a little bit about each of the classes we have on offer below!

Boxing 101

Want to learn the fundamentals or perfect the basics of boxing? Boxing 101 is perfect for both those who are new to the sport, and more experienced members who wish to perfect the basics they already know. This session is filled with high-intensity pad and bag work and Plyometric exercises, giving attendees a full-body workout.


Detox Box (Detox Box Class)

The Detox Box class will get you sweating! Wrap your hands, lace up your gloves, and get ready to work! This session will have you blasting the bag and working your muscles with a variety of different body weight exercises.

Invite Only Sparring

This invite only sparring session is a must for anyone looking to start their journey in to amateur boxing or improving their sparring skills. We start the session warming up with some partner drills in preparation for sparring. Sparring is an integral part of boxing and time for you and your opponent to practice your techniques in a real boxing environment. You may even get a round or two with one of our professional fighters. After sparring the fight team then finishes with sprints and conditioning. Hard work and dedication will get you an invite to this session.


Kids Boxing (Boxing for Kids)

Each Saturday morning we hold a session allowing you to bring your kids to experience the many benefits that boxing has to offer. This session is designed to boost kids’ self-confidence and resilience while learning the basic skills of the sport. Nitro Boxing Fitness Centre offers a fun, friendly, and safe environment to teach kids the sport that we love so much.

MMA Fit (MMA Training)

Mixed martial arts is one of the most gruelling sports there is. Not only do athletes need exceptional cardiovascular fitness, but they also need to be as strong as possible for their weight class. In this workout, you will get to try out circuits put together by Blair, that have been used to train professional MMA fighters! MMA Fit will feature a combination of punches, kicks, elbows, and knees on the bag, as well as medicine ball slams, and wall ball getups. Participants will also be working with battle ropes and kettlebells in this session. Great for working on hand-eye coordination, flexibility, and body awareness!


Nitro Elite (Strength and Conditioning)

Nitro Elite is quite often the hardest workout of the week! Bring your gloves and energy, and be prepared for anything, as this session changes each time. You might find your cardio being pushed to the limit with a combination of body weight plyometric exercises between rounds of combinations on the bag. Other weeks, your strength and conditioning will be tested, with kettlebell lifts, tyre flips, sled pushes, or medicine ball punches. This workout has no limits and no set format, making it great for those who like a surprise!

NOS Boxing (Old School Boxing)

NOS or Nitro Old School Boxing is perfect for those who wish to try out the training of a professional boxer. The 45-minute session begins with some skipping or road work, before moving into bag work, pad work, foot work and head movement drills. After this, attendees will partner up for some catching and slipping drills, before finishing with a good old ab and core workout. Experience the essence of one of the oldest Olympic sports!


Pad Rounds

Pad work is great for building cardiovascular fitness, improving hand-eye co-ordination and increasing reaction times. Pad rounds is a fun, interactive, skill-based fitness class that is suitable for everybody that wants to learn to move like a boxer.

Learn how to build basic Punch combinations then add in defensive head movement and footwork to replicate Boxing an opponent.

Tabata/Boxing (Tabata Training)

In this workout, we pair together two tried and tested training protocols to give you the ultimate full-body workout! We start out this session blasting the bag with combination punches to get the heart rate pounding, before moving to the mats to work the muscles in Tabata conditioning circuits. A Tabata circuit is just four minutes long, but is intensive. The circuit has a workout ratio of 20 seconds on with 10 seconds of rest, repeated eight times. These circuits include a range of equipment, from sandbags, dumbbells, and battle ropes, to plyo boxes wrestling bags, and agility ladders. Looking to put your cardiovascular fitness to the test while sculpting and toning your muscles? Come along and check out Tabata/Boxing!


The Spartan

For those with a bit of a competitive side. This 45-minute session sees attendees given the task of completing a strength and conditioning circuit consisting of AMRAPs (as many reps as possible) of differing types and lengths. The time period of these reps changes from session to session, and could be 10, 20, or 30 minutes. We utilise a variety of equipment during these workouts, such as kettle bells, dead balls, sandbags, and battle ropes. Bring a friend and challenge each other, or sweat it out on your own in this fast-paced workout!

The Sweet Science (Boxing Techniques)

This session digs a little deeper into the technical aspects of boxing. Each 45-minute class focuses on a different aspect of the sport, such as head movement, footwork, attack, or defence. One session might see you learning how to build larger combinations of punches off a basic four-punch combo. Another could involve learning to string multiple combinations together along with evasive manoeuvres and counter punches. Come along and see why boxing is sometimes called ‘the sweet science’.


X Training

X Training will see you trying out some of the state-of-the-art conditioning equipment that Nitro has on offer. This cross-training session is always packed with variety. Some weeks workouts include sprinting on our free-run treadmills, rowing, and skiing, or riding the torturous air bikes. While others may see participants completing sled pushes, truck tyre flips, and sledgehammer work. The work to rest ratio and training equipment changes from week to week, keeping you on your toes.

Youth Boxing

This class is designed to help boost confidence, self-esteem, and resilience for teens, while teaching the art of boxing. Boxing combines the life lessons of discipline, respect, and honesty while providing health, fitness, and hand-eye coordination benefits. Youth Boxing focuses on technique, fitness, and fun, in a safe and friendly environment.


Please note:
For classes that use pads or boxing gloves, we require attendees to bring their own pads and gloves for hygiene reasons. To see our current class timetable, visit our Timetable page.

Personal Training

At Nitro Boxing, you will be trained by actual fighters and taught correct technique.<br>We offer three tiers of personal training for those interested. These are:
At Nitro Boxing, you will be trained by actual fighters and taught correct technique.
We offer three tiers of personal training for those interested. These are:

Head Coach


Experience being trained by someone with more than 30 years of experience in the boxing and martial arts fields. Our Head Coach is Blair Studley, the owner of Nitro Boxing. Blair is a former Queensland Light Heavy Weight Boxing and Queensland Light Heavy Weight Kickboxing title winner, and has trained multiple others to win Professional Australian titles. A Strength and Conditioning, Pro Boxing, and MMA Coach, Blair has a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a black belt in karate, and lives and breathes everything combat sport!

Senior Trainer

Our senior trainers have worked as personal trainers at Nitro Boxing for a minimum of four years, training under the guidance of the Head Coach. Each of our senior trainers have represented Nitro Boxing in a combat sport, and have a Certificate III and Certificate IV in Personal Training.

Personal Trainer

This option is great for those looking for an affordable training option. Our personal trainers are constantly upskilling, and regularly attend team training under the guidance of the Head Coach. All of our personal trainers have a Certificate III and Certificate IV in Personal Training.

To find out more about the pricing of each of our personal training options, check out our Pricing Page.

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